The European Facts You Should Know About

The European Facts You Should Know About

Do you know what European facts are? Do you know that Europe holds so many important places that people from different parts of the world visit it on a frequent basis? Did you know that Europe has been the center of trade for all civilizations for thousands of years? In fact, Europeans have always enjoyed prosperity as the European civilization has spread over the entire world.

Europe is actually a continent that is located completely within the Northern Hemisphere and most of the time in the Eastern Hemisphere as well. It includes the westernmost part of Asia and is bordered on one side by the Baltic Sea to the north, by the Arctic Ocean on the eastern side, and the Mediterranean Sea on the other side. The countries that make up the European continent are Germany, Austria, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Finland, Poland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Some of the greatest ancient civilizations in history such as the Egyptian pyramids, the Roman Colosseum, and the Greek ruins all originated from Europe. The Romans were the first people who arrived in Europe as they traveled along the coastal areas in their boats during the time of the Ice Age. Rome was one of the first empires in history to establish its presence in Europe and was known as the most powerful in Europe for many centuries until it was ultimately defeated by the rise of Christianity. During the middle ages the Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic Church governed the majority of the country’s population as they made their way down the Rhine River into Germany.

From then on, Europe grew to become one of the most powerful, industrious, and influential regions in the world, thanks to many advancements that the region has experienced over the course of time. European countries were also responsible for introducing the world to new technology such as electricity, water transport, gunpowder, railroads, airplanes, and even the railroad and the automobile.

Europe also contains the greatest amount of natural resources of all the continents combined. Most of Europe consists of land covered in beautiful landscapes that are perfect for growing crops. If you have ever stayed in one of the famous wine producing regions in France or Italy, then you will realize just how popular this particular area is. The soil of Europe has some of the best soil anywhere in the world with an average pH level of 4. This type of soil is perfect for growing grapes, wheat, barley, and vegetables, among others.

Europe also offers the largest amount of fresh water that can be found in the whole world. This is perfect for growing and harvesting crops and plants. Most of Europe has large lakes or rivers that are filled with fresh and clean water.

Another of the most important European facts is the fact that Europe has a very low crime rate, especially compared to other areas in the world. The only thing that is considered to be a serious crime in Europe, in comparison to other countries, is drug possession and drug trafficking. However, Europe also boasts a very high standard of life as it provides the opportunity to live healthy and comfortable lives in every part of Europe, while being able to enjoy the natural beauty that it offers.

In addition to Europe being one of the most popular destinations for people from other parts of the world, Europe also has some of the finest historical sites to view as well. Europe has the tallest cathedrals in the world as well as the oldest churches that you will ever see. If you wish to see these sites without a long walk around, then you can take a bus tour that stops at each of the historical sites on your way.